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 Sam's To Do List:

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PostSubject: Sam's To Do List:   Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:45 pm

To Do:

Fix Clan Chat.
Add Make-Over Mage.
Add some more shops: Magic Store, PKing Store\Pure Store, New Donator Store.
Add Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming and Firemaking Hood to Store.
Re-add working Hunting. Then remove the Clicker at home.
Re-add working Construction. Then remove the Clicker at home.
Add a better Training Facility. ::train. Will lead to a BETTER area, Consisting of Crabs, etc.
Fix the Willows in woodcutting. Then remove the Dream Tree from home.
Add Dueling Arena.
Make CastleWars a PvP Safe area. So people can play it for Rewards. Then Remove the Castlewar Stuff from shops.
Fix the Fight Pits.
Move Jad into his correct Zone.
Make Dragon Claws more powerful.
Make Barrows work again, with a Chest timer, so people CAN'T glitch it.
Adding more shortly.
Make "Follow" work.
Fix some SafeZones, make it so you don't lose Items in NON PVP.

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Sam's To Do List:
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